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Nazi documents found in attic near Auschwitz

300 documents relating to the daily lives of Nazi officials at Auschwitz have been found in the attic of a house near the death camp. Some sugar coupons bear the names of Horst Fischer and Fritz Klein, doctors who were executed for their crimes after the war, Adam Cyra, a

Nazis exaggerated Dresden bombing death toll

Nazis claimed that as many as 500,000 people died in the Allied bombing of Dresden, but German historians have found that the actual number was actually closer to 25,000. Allied critics have claimed that the attack constituted a war crime which had no strategic aim since Germany was already close

Nazi board game taught Hitler youth military tactics

This would be an interesting board game to play. Apparently Hitler youth under the Third Reich would play a board game invented to teach them military tactics against the British. Specifically designed in 1941 to prepare young members of the Hitler Youth 'for an attack on the Fatherland', the box illustration

Hitler was a fan of Irish folk music

Newly released photographs reveal that Sean Dempsey, a famous Irish musician, played for Adolf Hitler in 1936. Dempsey, an uileann piper, was invited to play for Hitler and propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels during a visit to Berlin in 1936 after being told that Hitler was an Irish folk music fan. When he

Josef Mengele’s diaries up for auction

The diaries of Josef Mengele, the Nazi 'Angel of Death', are expected to fetch over $60,000 at auction. Known as the 'Angel of Death', he consigned arrivals to the gas chambers and carried out appalling medical experiments on Jews, most of whom died in agony without anaesthetic. He escaped to Brazil at

Descendants of Nazi leaders speak of their shame

The descendants of Nazi leaders have spoken on camera, for the first time, about the revulsion they have for their ancestors. They include Bettina Goering, great niece of Adolf Hitler's second in command Hermann Goering, who says she has had herself sterilised so she would 'not pass on the blood of

Hunt for Russia’s famed Amber Room leads to Nazi bunker

One treasure hunter believes he knows where the famed Amber Room, seized by the Nazis in 1945, is located: under a Nazi bunker in Kaliningrad. "Believe me or not, it's there, 12 metres down in the sub-soil," he said, pointing to the entrance of a bunker that sheltered the Nazi high

Recording of Nazi officers who found Hitler’s body released

A tape recording of Nazi officers who describe finding Adolf Hiter's body has been found an released. The recording was made on October 25 1956 in a courtroom in Berchtesgaden, site of the Fuehrer's mountaintop home in Bavaria. The court was convened to officially declare the former leader of Nazi Germany