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Ancient shrine found at birthplace of Buddha

A shrine dating back to the 6th-century B.C. has been found at the legendary birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal. Laid out on the same design as those above it, the timber structure contains an open space in the centre that links to the nativity story of the Buddha himself. Until now,

Found: 2,000-year old buildings collapsed by earthquake

Archaeologists in Nepal have found the remains of 2,000-year-old buildings which collapsed in an earthquake, possibly in the 5th century A.D. They were found during an excavation in Kichakbadhsthal in Jhapa district. Remains of walls made of bricks measuring 36 cm long, 26 cm wide and five centimeters thick have been

1,500-year-old defleshed remains found in the cliffs of Nepal

The remains of 27 people stripped of their flesh have been found inside of cliffside caves in Nepal. Nearly 67 percent of the bodies' had been defleshed, most likely with a metal knife, say the researchers, who found the remains in 2010. After the de-fleshing process, the corpses had been neatly laid

The oldest artifacts yet found in Nepal

Artifacts found in a cave in Nepal have been dated back to the Stone Age, making them the oldest artifacts ever found in the country. There is an empty space about 20 feet wide covered by stones a couple of meters below the ground level at the site. Locals from neighboring

Authorities in Nepal turn blind eye to artifact thefts

Locals in Kathmandu, Nepal say authorities have turned a blind eye to the thefts taking place at many small temples. Badri Puri, 82, who has been working as a watchman at the Bishworup temple and the area for the last 60 years, says the thieves work under the cover of night,