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Native American skeleton found in New Hampshire

Construction work on a home in New Hampshire has unearthed a Native American skeleton which dates back hundreds of years. State Police and the New Hampshire State Archaeologist Richard Boisvert asked that the location of the home be withheld. Boisvert said the bones were those of a Native American who lived

Slave cemetery found in New Hampshire

The remains of eight slaves, ranging in age from 7 to 40, have been uncovered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Some showed evidence of the hard work they performed throughout their short lives, some had poor teeth, some had childhood diseases. All were Africans or of African descent. This and much more was

12,000-year-old settlement found in New Hampshire

A 12,000-year-old settlement has been found in Keene, New Hampshire. Goodby is leading a team of archeologists excavating four areas on the site of the new Middle School. The site in only one of two this old known in Cheshire County -- the other was discovered in the late 1970s

Debating the origins of America’s Stonehenge

Was America's Stonehenge built by early American Indians, colonial settlers or a migrant European culture that visited the woods of New Hampshire nearly 4,000 years ago. “We don’t think it was a ‘habitat’ site,” said the stocky, bespectacled Mr. Stone. “Perhaps a shaman once stayed here, but primarily it’s a religious