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Prehistoric fishing camp found in New Jersey

A prehistoric Native American fishing camp, including ancient hearths and more than 1,300 artifacts, has been found at an industrial construction site in New Jersey. As archaeological teams dug into the earth on Broadway, near where the Holtec International site would soon rise on the South Camden waterfront in early 2015,

19th-century shipwreck uncovered during Hurricane Sandy construction

The remains of a 19th-century ship has been discovered 25 feet beneath the sand in Brick, New Jersey, during post-Sandy construction to build a 3.5-mile-long coastal wall. Mayor John G. Ducey said workers using a specialized drill struck the relic last week. They were doing excavating work for the 3.5-mile long

Native American hearths found in New Jersey

A large number of Native American hearths, dating as far back as 500.B.C. have been found in Ewing, New Jersey. Other artifacts found so far include little chips of stone that the Native Americans might have used to create a tool, such as an arrowhead. "Many of the artifacts would just be

Dinosaur footprint found at construction site

A dilophosaurus' footprint has been found at a New Jersey construction site. Chris Laskowich spotted the footprint in Clifton -- 15 miles west of New York's Empire State Building -- at an old stone quarry that's being cleared to build an 800-unit housing development. It's a popular place for fossil

Sunken Revolutionary-era gravestones undergoing restoration

Revolutionary-era gravestones in Elizabeth, New Jersey that had sunk severel feet have been raised, revealing inscriptions that have long been hidden. Brought to light were the intricate carvings and carefully chiseled words on the tombstone of Ebenezer Price, who had a workshop in Elizabeth and was one of the most skilled