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Colonial-era cannon recovered in North Carolina

A dredging company in North Carolina has recovered a 93-inch-long Colonial-era cannon from the Cape Fear River. Little is known about the cannon, which has no visible markings, measures 93-inches long and “appears to have burst, possibly caused by a casting flaw,” the release states. The bore is 80-inches and 4-inches

Colonial cannon uncovered in North Carolina

A colonial-era cannon has been uncovered by a construction crew working in front of Wilmington's Federal Courthouses in North Carolina. The gun, size and style of the cannon found Tuesday afternoon in front of the Federal Courthouse building along Water Street pointed to a weapon made sometime between 1700 and 1750,

Shipwreck found off North Carolina coast

A shipwreck which dates back to the late 18th/early 19th century has been found off the coast of North Carolina. They spotted the wreck while using WHOI’s robotic autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Sentry and the manned submersible Alvin. The team had been searching for a mooring that was deployed on a

WWII battlefield found off North Carolina coast

Researchers from NOAA has located the underwater wreckage of German U-boat 576 and the freighter Bluefields, both sunk during a convoy battle in 1942. A team of researchers led by NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries have discovered two significant vessels from World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic. The German

Investigating the Battle of the Atlantic wrecks

Underwater archaeologists are diving off the coast of North Carolina to investigate the WWII shipwrecks from the Battle of the Atlantic. During the first six months of 1942, German U-boats, often hunting in wolf packs, sank ship after ship just miles off the East Coast of the United States, concentrating their

Blackbeard’s anchor to be recovered

The anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge is set to be recovered from its resting place off the coast of North Carolina. The anchor is believed to be the second biggest on the site, measuring about 13 feet (4 metres) long with arms that are eight feet (2.4 metres) wide and

Pirate’s sword pulled from Blackbeard’s ship

The hilt of an ornamental sword has been pulled from Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. After running aground on a sandbar in 1718 near the town of Beaufort (map), the ship was abandoned but likely remained intact and partly above water for as long as a year before collapsing and

19th-century bateau pole pulled from river

A pole used to propel a bateau along the Dan River in North Carolina in the 19th century was dredged up by a fisherman and his family. It was a sticky, hot Sunday afternoon. Jeff Overby, his wife, Jo-Lynn, and his cousin Jerry Chambers were doing what they usually do