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Obsidian artifacts found at Maya site

42 obsidian artifacts has been found at the Maya site of Ceibal in Guatemala. The precious rocks were thought to hold special spiritual or supernatural significance for the Preclassical Mayan people. The obsidian stones were discovered in Ceibal, Guatemala, with details reported in a study in the Journal of Field Archaeology. In

Obsidian tools found in Oregon

A landowner digging on his property in Oregon has found 14 obsidian tools which date back between 1,000-4,000 years. It was the heat of summer, but underneath the weeds the ground was wet. “I was like ‘Oh, this is actually a spring. Cool,’” he said. So he got a shovel, to dig

Ancient Polynesians used obsidian tools to tattoo

15 obsidian artifacts found in the Solomon Islands suggest that the ancient islanders used them to tattoo. One potential way to learn more about prehistoric tattooing is to unearth the tools used to make the markings. However, until now, archaeologists had discovered few ancient tattooing implements, likely because perishable materials were

Study reveals obsidian trade routes

A new study performed by an archaeologist from the University of Sheffield has revealed the ancient routes used to trade obsidian in Syria 4,200 years ago. Most of the obsidian at Tell Mozan (and surrounding archaeological sites) originated from volcanoes 200km away in what is now eastern Turkey, as expected from

Examination of sacrificial knives turns up human blood and tissue

Researchers in Mexico have confirmed that a set of 2,000-year-old obsidian blades were used to perform human sacrifices. Researchers in Mexico had noticed what they believed were fossilized blood stains on stone knives as long as 20 years ago. But the institute said it took a methodical examination using a scanning

Göbekli Tepe obsidian blades belonged to pilgrims

Analyses of 11,000-year-old obsidian blades found at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, suggests that the site was the hub of a pilgrimage. "The real strength of our work is this incredible specificity; we can say exactly which mountain it comes from, and sometimes even which flank of the volcano," Carter told LiveScience

Bronze Age brain surgery

Archaeologists in Turkey have unearthed two obsidian blades used as bronze age surgical tools and skulls showing evidence of scarring. What makes you think they were used for surgery? We have found traces of cuts on skulls in a nearby graveyard. Out of around 700 skulls, 14 have these marks.

4,000-year-old scalpel found in Turkey

A 4,000-year-old piece of obsidian which is believed to have been a surgical scalpel has been found in the Turkish province of Samsun. “During this year’s excavations, which started July 15, we discovered a piece of obsidian that was used as a scalpel in surgeries. Obsidian beds are generally situated