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Ancient palace discovered in central Sudan

A nearly 3,000-year-old palace, the oldest building ever found in the ancient city of Meroë, has been discovered in the Sudan. So far, the team has excavated a small section of the building, with radiocarbon dating indicating that it dates to about 900 B.C. The finds so far include a sizable

Palace of Odysseus found on Ithaca island

Archaeologists in Greece has found the ruins of a three-level palace which they say matches the description of Odysseus' palace in Homer's Odyssey. Greek archaeologists have claimed they have found the palace of Odysseus during excavations on the Ithaca island in the Ionian Sea. On Tuesday, the archaeologist, Thanasis Papadopulos,

Harald Bluetooth’s royal palace uncovered

Archaeologists have found the remains of the 10th century king Harald Bluetooth's palace in Denmark. After speculating for centuries about its location, the royal residence of Harald Bluetooth has finally been discovered close to the ancient Jelling complex with its famous runic stones in southern Jutland. The remains of the

Roman town found in Bulgaria

A Roman town has been found in Sofia, Bulgaria, including a Roman palace, baths and burial sites, as well as a 13th century church. [Thx Frank!] Archaeologists believe the site - which formed the intersection of the two major streets of the ancient Roman town Ulpia Sedica - could prove

Seventh century Arab palace found

An Arab palace dating back to the seventh century has been found in Israel. Ruins in northern Israel previously thought to have been a synagogue have now been identified as a 7th century palace used by the Umayyad caliph who started construction of Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock, archaeologists said

Prince Sextus Tarquinius’ palace found

The palace of Sextus Tarquinius, the prince who sparked the revolt that led to the foundation of the Roman empire may have been found 12 miles from Rome. The remains of what might have been the residence of the Etruscan prince Sextus Tarquinius, son of the last legendary king

17th century Indian palace to be restored

Restoration work has begun on the Thirumalai Naicker Palace, a 17th century building in India. The Archaeological Survey of India has taken up preliminary work to restore an intact 17th century palace in south Tamil Nadu, the Thirumalai Naicker Palace, in this temple town. The ASI has also recommended that the

Piece of Cleopatra’s palace lifted out of the Mediterranean Sea

Archaeologists in Egypt have lifted out of the harbour at Alexandria an ancient granite temple pylon from the palace complex of Cleopatra. Divers and underwater archeologists used a giant crane and ropes to lift the 9-ton, 7.4-foot-tall pylon from the murky waters Thursday. The tower was originally part of the entrance to