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Scrap of paper found with traces of lost language

A 17th century scrap of paper may contain traces of a lost South American language. “It’s a little piece of paper with a big story to tell,” says Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, who has conducted investigations in Peru for more than three decades, and is director of the archaeological project at

Dead Sea Scrolls made locally

Analysis of the chemical makeup of the Dead Sea Scrolls show they were made in the area where the documents were found. Proton beams have shed new light on the origin of the longest of the Dead Sea scrolls, suggesting its parchment was manufactured locally. According to a study carried

CASS’s top archaeological discoveries of 2009

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has announced China's six top archaeological discoveries of 2009, including the ruins of ancient paper-making workshops and the tomb of legendary Chinese general Cao Cao. "The discovery is significant," said Su Rongyu, a researcher at the Institute for History of Natural Science under the Chinese