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Rare Viking relic found in Perthshire longhouse

A rare spindle whorl has been found during a dig at a Viking-age longhouse in Perthshire, Scotland. David Strachan, of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust explained the possible significance of the find. He said: “Through the ages spindle whorls have often been covered in abstract shapes and the spinning action would bring

13th century Scottish castle damaged by fire

Blair Castle in Perthshire, Scotland has been badly damaged after a fire broke out in its clock tower. Using breathing apparatus, they fought the fire for 90 minutes but had to withdraw when the 19th century roof of the clock tower collapsed. The tower’s second floor also collapsed onto the first floor.

Ancient stone artwork discovered in Scotland

Prehistoric rock art has been discovered by an amateur archaeologist in Perthsire, Scotland. Mr Currie discovered a piece of rock which has more than 90 cup marks, which are circular depressions in the stone. Some of the cups have rings around them and a number of linear grooves can also be seen,

Gold-banded dagger as old as the pyramids found in Scotland

A 4,000-year-old gold-banded dagger, unearthed from a tribal leader's grave, has been found in Scotland. "The high quality of preservation is of exceptional importance for understanding the centuries when metals were first introduced into Scotland," said Dr Kenneth Brophy, of the University of Glasgow. He is co-director of the Strathearn Environs