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Egypt to create special police force to protect artifacts

Zahi Hawass announced yesterday that Egyptian authorities will be creating a special police force to protect archaeological sites and artifacts. Egypt's minister of antiquities says a special police force will be set up to protect archaeological sites and museums around the country, following a wave of vandalism and looting. Zahi Hawass told

Tomb raider leads police to Caligula’s lost tomb

The lost tome of Caligula has been found according to Italian police after arresting a man caught smuggling a statue stolen from the site. Officers from the archaeological squad of Italy's tax police had a break last week after arresting a man near Lake Nemi, south of Rome, as he loaded

Italian police show off recovered artifacts

Hundreds of looted ancient artifacts recovered by Italian police were displayed in the Colosseum on Friday. The 337 pieces displayed in the ancient Roman arena include vases, bronze tools and marble statues of Venus, some dating as far back as the 8th century B.C.Police said the pieces are worth some