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Odd Roman pot found in Switzerland

A Roman cooking pot filled with oil lamps, each containing a coin, has been found at the site of Vindonissa in Switzerland. “What astonished us was the quantity and the combination of coins and lamps,” said Aargau cantonal archaeologist Georg Matter. “We suspect this is a ritual burial,” he said, but stressed

Intact ancient pot found in South Dakota

An intact post has been found at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village near Lake Mitchell in South Dakota. "This is a really big finding," she said. "Especially when we consider that everything else has been broken." The pot is tiny, measuring only a few inches wide and it will require further testing.

Dairying in Ireland dates back 6,000 years

New research conducted on ancient pots have revealed that Ireland's dairies date back 6,000 years. Dr Jessica Smyth of Bristol's School of Chemistry analysed nearly 500 pots from the Neolithic, the period when people switched from hunting and gathering to farming. In Britain and Ireland, this change occurred around 4,000 BC,

Canine pot burials found in Egypt

The remains of dogs found in burial pots have been uncovered at the archaeological site of Abydos in Egypt. “Of the many jars that were recovered, only 13 have thus far been properly investigated. Of these, four were empty, three contained ibises, and five were filled with dogs,” Ikram said. While three

Artifacts from 2000-year-old famine found in Jerusalem

Archaeologists working in Jerusalem have uncovered artifacts that are the first evidence of the famine that spread through Jerusalem during the Roman seige nearly 2,000 years ago. According to Eli Shukron, excavation director at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), people went down into the cistern to secretly eat the food that

150 cremated remains found in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed a collection of 145 pots containing the cremated remains of 150 people at the site of Cerro de Trincheras. The pots emphasized by their variety of shapes and forms; some represent pumpkins, others are oval shaped with two perforations, or with a tall neck and a

2,000-year-old dried beef found in ancient Chinese pot

A black substance found inside a Bronze pot found in China has been revealed to be a portion of dried beef. The beef, most of which had been carbonised, is the earliest beef product discovered in China, state-run news agency Xinhua quoted Hu as saying. The beef was discovered two years ago

Arizona border patrol agents discover artifacts

Border patrol agents in Tucson, Arizona have found two sets of ancient artifacts in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. In late February, Ajo Station agents patrolling on foot came across what they believed to be an ancient bowl hidden in a shady outcropping of rock, the Border Patrol said. Officials from