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Legendary Medici warrior died of gangrene

Giovanni de' Medici, the legendary 16th century army commander, did not die from an improperly amputated leg, as was previously thought, but rather due to gangrene after being hit in the right leg by a cannonball. As the ball crashed the right leg above the knee, the condottiero was taken to

Remains of Italian warrior exhumed

Researchers in Italy have exhumed the remains of Giovanni de' Medici, a famous mercenary soldier who lived during the Renaissance, in order to learn more about his death and the surgeries that were performed upon him. Although he had acquired a reputation for invincibility, Giovanni of the Black Bands (1498-1526) died

Indigenous martial arts evolved in the west as well as the east

For most people, martial arts are inexplicably tied to the Far East. However, as special guest author John Clements of the Association For Renaissance Martial Arts details below, a sophisticated science of self-defense was prevalent in the west during Medieval and Renaissance times: With the evolution of the armored knight as the consummate

The 16-century origin of platform shoes

Apparently platform heels began in the 16th century as a symbol of extreme wealth. Impractically high heels, known as chopines, were worn by upper-class women in Italy and Spain during the late Renaissance era. The higher the heel, the longer - and therefore more expensive - the dress needed

Caravaggio’s remains retrieved by scientists

The remains of Caravaggio, the Renaissance artist, have been retrieved by scientists hoping to learn more about his death. The cause of Caravaggio's death has been something of a mystery - various theories have been advanced over the years. Among the most common are that he was assassinated for religious reasons, and

Scans from Italian Renaissance sketchbook featuring military art

Check out this incredible Italian sketchbook containing sketches showing Renaissance military information. This unique Italian sketchbook includes more than 200 highly detailed sketches and provides valuable insights into design and construction principles of Renaissance fortresses; siege and storm tactics of the era; guns development and gunnery intricacies; handling of the heavy

The oldest painting to feature an image of a watch

A 450-year-old Renaissance painting may be the oldest to feature the image of a watch. The Science Museum is investigating the 450-year-old portrait, thought to be of Cosimo I de Medici, Duke of Florence, holding a golden timepiece. Curators have sent their findings to renaissance experts at the Uffizi gallery in Florence,

Lost Renaissance masterpiece discovered after 60 years

A once-lost Renaissance painting by Ludovico Mazzolino has been found after being left forgotten in a packing case for nearly 60 years. Experts from the National Gallery in London identified the painting as the work of the master who studied under some of the greatest painters of the era, including Dosso