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Face of Robert the Bruce digitally reconstructed

Historians have digitally reconstructed the face of Robert the Bruce, almost 700 years after his death. Until now, portraits and statues of the victor of Bannockburn have relied on artists' imaginations. With no contemporary artworks to tell us what King Robert actually looked like, historians at the University of Glasgow teamed up

Robert the Bruce letter discovered

A previously unknown letter written by Robert the Bruce to King Edward II has been uncovered. The letter, sent in 1310, asks English King Edward II to stop persecuting the Scots. It shows Robert asserting his God-given authority as king of the Scots and addressing Edward as his equal. The script, thought to

Archaeologists search for Battle of Bannockburn site

Archaeologists in Scotland are employing the use of ground-penetrating radar to search for the site of the Battle of Bannockburn which took place in 1314. The first major skirmish of the two-day battle occurred on Sunday 23 June when Randolph routed around 300 English cavalry, who were attempting to relieve Stirling

Robert the Bruce’s ancient pottery

Archaeologists in Scotland have found ancient pottery that may have been used by Robert the Bruce and his Scottish Army in 1314. "Borestone could have been the site for the Scots camp prior to the famous Battle of Bannockburn. "If a large number of Scottish spear-men and camp followers stayed on this

Where Robert the Bruce was crowned

After working on a floorplan for Scone Abbey in Scotland, Archaeologists now believe they have identified the spot where Scotland's kings were crowned. Geophysics surveys, now backed up by archaeology, have revealed the exact floor plan of Scone Abbey, allowing archaeologists confidently to estimate the position of the high altar, where