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15,000-year-old rock art found in Egypt

Researchers working in Egypt have found panels of 15,000-year-old rock art in the Subeira Valley. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the markings can be dated to the late pre-Dynastic era, and were found engraved on sandstone rocks. They depict scenes of troops of renowned animals

Neolithic rock art found in Egyptian

Rock art dating back to Egypt's Neolithic period has been found at Qubbet el-Hawa. Before King Tut, Hatshepsut or Ramesses I — in fact, before there were any pharaohs at all — someone pecked an image of a hunter and a dancer wearing an ostrich mask into a rock on a

Neolithic rock art discovered in Egypt

6,000-year-old rock art has been found at Qubbet el-Hawa in Egypt. The image, discovered recently by archaeologists, provides a tantalizing glimpse of Egypt's Neolithic period, or Stone Age. It likely dates back to the latter half of the fourth millennium B.C., said Ludwig Morenz, an Egyptologist at the University of Bonn

38,000-year-old pointillist images discovered in France

Pointillist images have been found in southwestern France. The artistic techniques used by Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat were considered groundbreaking in their day, but a recent discovery in southwestern France shows that people were using similar artistic methods about 38,000 years ago, a new study finds. Archaeologists found 16 limestone

Rock art found in Israel

Cavers spelunking in south-central Israel have found previously unknown rock art carved into the walls of an ancient cistern. A group of Israel Caving Club members were exploring hidden caves in the Judean lowlands over the weekend when they discerned the limestone carvings: a three-footed menorah with seven branches similar to

5,000-year-old rock art shows parents and baby

5,000-year-old rock art found in the Sahara desert depicts parents and a baby. The scene, painted in reddish-brown ochre, was found on the ceiling of a small cavity in the Egyptian Sahara desert, during an expedition to sites between the Nile valley and the Gilf Kebir Plateau. "It's a very evocative scene

Forensic techniques used to study rock art

University researchers in England are using forensic techniques to study hand stencils found in prehistoric rock art. To solve the problem, scientists adopted a forensics technique to yield more definitive results. Scientists believe the new analysis strategy can sex 40,000-year-old hand stencils with 90 percent accuracy. "The problem with focussing on hand

1,000-year-old rock art found in India

Rock art believed to date back to the 10th-century A.D. has been found in southeastern India. Drawn in white pigment, the art is found on the walls of a rock boulder perched on a hillock. One of the paintings is identified as that of a female warrior holding a lance in both