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23,000-year-old artifacts found in Brazil

23,000-year-old artifacts have been found in the Santa Elina rock-shelter in Brazil. Evidence of people’s presence at Santa Elina rock shelter, located in a forested part of central-west Brazil, so long ago raises questions about how people first entered South America. Early settlers may have floated down the Pacific Coast in

Ancient painkiller found in Colorado rock shelter

Traces of salicyclic acid have been found on a 1,300-year-old ceramic sherd found in a rock shelter in Colorado. The ethnographic record is rich with accounts of native peoples throughout the West using the bark, leaves, and roots of willow trees as a topical painkiller and to reduce inflammation. Particularly among Puebloan

Heavy rains damage ancient rock shelter

Heavy rains in Pennsylvania last month have damaged one of the earlier archaeologist sites in North America: the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter. "The part of the site damaged includes maybe 75 to 80 separate occupational moments in the site's history," he said. Adovasio said the affected area doesn't include the deepest or oldest

Humans arrived in South America 22,000 years ago

Stone tools found at a rock-shelter in Brazil suggest that people inhabited South America 22,000 years ago, long before the Clovis hunters spread through North America 13,000 years ago. “We have new, strong evidence that the Clovis-first model is out of date,” Lahaye says. Among other South American locations proposed as human

Stone Age skeletons found in Sahara desert

Twenty skeletons dating back between 8,000 and 4,200 years ago have been found at a rock shelter in the Sahara desert in Libya. It must have been a place of memory," said study co-author Mary Anne Tafuri, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge. "People throughout time have kept it, and

Maori artifacts founds in New Zealand rock shelters

Various artifacts, including a fragment of a Maori sleeping mat or food bag, have been found in New Zealand's Roxburgh Gorge. Doc community relations ranger Jacob Dexter said they spent two days earlier this month going through all the rock shelters on crown land in the gorge "looking for anything that

Rock shelters damaged by construction work

Ancient rock shelters, many dating back to the Stone Age, are being damaged by unregulated construction in Pakistan. A ‘rock shelter’ (also known as rock house, crepuscular cave or ‘abri’) is a shallow cave-like opening at the base of a bluff or cliff. ‘Rock shelters’ form because a rock stratum such