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3rd century buildings found in Rome

Traces of buildings dating back to the 3rd century A.D. have been found during Metro construction in Rome. Two ancient Roman edifices have been discovered during excavations to extend Metro Line C in Rome. Archeologists were undertaking reinforcement works on monuments near the new public transport line when the ancient solarium

Metro construction uncovered ancient Roman aqueduct

Metro construction in Rom has led to the discovery of a 100-foot-long section of 2,300-year-old aqueduct. It measures two metres tall, and is made up of equally-sized blocks arranged in five rows. As for location, it lies 17-18 metres below Rome's Piazza Celimontana, slightly to the south-east of the Colosseum in

Remains of medieval horse found at Roman Colosseum

The remains of a medieval horse have been found near the steps to the basement of the Colosseum in Rome. The find was made while cleaning the area around the steps to the monument's basement, Rome's Superintendent for Archaeology Francesco Prosperetti said. The horse's skull dates back to between the 12th and

Ancient Roman bathhouse found in Italy

Construction of a new Orthodox church in Rome has led to the discovery of an ancient Roman bathhouse. The remains of the bath-house show its plumbing and heating system which allowed the ancient Romans to indulge in daily hot baths. The digs also revealed the bathing area's spectacular black and white

Praetorian guard barracks unearthed in Rome

Roman military barracks from the 2nd-century have been unearthed in Rome during metro line construction. While construction workers poured concrete at the planned Amba Aradam metro stop, an archaeologist just a few meters away brushed dirt from a small bronze bracelet. The barracks, discovered nine meters (about 30 feet) below street level,

New piece of ancient Roman map round

A newly discovered piece of the Severan Marble Plan, a massive marble map of ancient Rome that depicts every single building and street, has been found in the Maffei Marescotti Palace. A fragment of the world’s oldest and largest unsolved jigsaw puzzle, a 2,200-year-old map of Rome made of thousands of