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Sacred burial found unearthed in England

A sacred burial ground recently unearthed in Shewsbury, England, dates back more than 4,000 years. They say the site, which was discovered at a Greek Orthodox Church, may be the country's oldest-known continuously used sacred ground. Finds suggest it has been used during every era since the late Neolithic period. Carbon dating of

Missing sacred swords found 1,250 years later

A pair of swords found underneath the Great Buddha of Todaljl temple in Japan have undergone x-ray analysis, identifying them as two sacred weapons dedicated to the temple around 760 A.D. by the Empress Komyo. The swords, decorated with gold, silver and lacquer, appear on the top of about 100

Four ancient egyptian wells discovered

Archaeologists in Egypt have found four ancient wells that were part of a newly-discovered Sacred Lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut. Two of them have circular shapes with a 210-220 cm diameter, while the other two are square. They are believed to have been used by the people for daily

Ancient sacred lake unearthed in Tanis, Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered the site of a pharaonic-era sacred lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut. The ministry said the lake, found 12 meters below ground at the San al-Hagar archaeological site in Egypt's eastern Nile Delta, was 15 meters long and 12 meters wide and built out of