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School kids unearth loaded gun during “Archaeology Day”

A group of 5th-graders in Massachusetts unearthed a loaded gun during a school “Archaeology Day” trip. At first Wendy Robinson thought it was a joke when one of the fifth-graders participating in this year’s archaeology day yelled “gun” while digging in the dirt near Main Street. She soon saw with her

Virginia school won’t teach full version of Anne Frank’s Diary

A lot of people don't seem to realize that there are two versions of Anne Frank's diary. There is the standard edition, which most people are familiar with, and a more recent "Definitive Edition" which has significantly more content. Removed from the first edition were passages where Anne talks badly

Children on school trip find legendary Indonesian temple

Some kids on a school trip in Indonesia may have found a legendary temple called Ngablak. The panels were discovered by local secondary school students on a field trip as they crossed the Opak River in Ngablak, Sleman, about one kilometer from the Sewu and Prambanan temple complexes. Sewu is an 8th-century

Prehistoric arrowhead found in school garden

An ancient stone arrowhead has been found in the garden of a ruined schoolhouse in Scotland. Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division (Guard) said it may have been dropped by a hunter. It added that it may have arrived from elsewhere and then been lost by a local collector or a teacher at

Traces of one of Harvard University’s 17th-century buildings found

Harvard archaeologists have found evidence that may pinpoint the location of the 1655 Indian College, one of Harvard University’s earliest buildings. In the final days of the 2009 dig, Peabody Museum archaeologists and Archaeology of Harvard Yard students uncovered a 17th-century trench situated on the parcel of land where the Indian

Russian textbooks rewrite history

A new Russian history school textbook, approved by the Putin government, glosses over a lot of truths. The Soviet Union smashed Nazi Germany during the Second World War — the greatest achievement of its people. But that war started in 1939, not 1941, when Hitler’s forces invaded the Soviet Union. In

History textbook: Man landed on the moon in 1979

An official history textbook used by thousands of GCSE pupils in the UK states that man landed on the moon in 1979. It also mentions that John F. Kennedy was president in 1960. "You have got to get these things right," said Sean Lang, a senior lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University,

The origin of the word ‘school’

For many students, today marks the first day of school. To mark the occassion, the Toronto Star found out the ancient Greek origin of the word. Unlikely as it may seem to those returning to classes, the word "school" originally meant "leisure." The highly cultured ancient Greeks loved spending their leisure time