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Ancient snail shells record climate change

Snail shells found at an archaeological site near Morocco are revealing details about the climate 10,800-6,700 years ago. Snails have been hailed as nutritious delicacies, providing early humans with part of their healthy diet for thousands of years. But more recently, the shells left behind by pre-historic snails are providing scientists

Pierced snail shells date back 150,000 years

Thousands of pierced snail shells found in a North African cave has been dated back 150,000 years. The snails were used for food. ‘Detailed analysis of the pierced shells at Queen’s University Belfast and LJMU and of the stone tools at the University of Cambridge by my colleagues Dr Giulio Lucarini

The world’s oldest engraving discovered in shell

While cataloging a collection of mollusk shells found in the 19th century, a researcher noticed an engraving inside one of the shells that is 300,000 years older than the previously thought oldest engraving. "When I got to image number 298 I almost fell off my chair. It was one of those

New preservation technique strengthens old bones

Researchers have developed a new preservation technique to strengthen old bones that was inspired by the say sea animals strengthen their shells. Using skeletal fragments from the Late Middle Ages, they grew aragonite, a kind of lime that some sea animals produce to shore up their shells, on the bones in

Shell beads reveal fashion-conscious human ancestors

A team of researchers have been experimenting with shell beads in an attempt to replicate the wear patterns found on the shells, and as a result found that the way shells were strung changed as the styles became outdated. In a new study in press at the Journal of Human Evolution,

Shell midden found beneath public square in U.S. Virgin Islands

A 1,500-year-old shell midden has been found underneath a public square in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A 200-foot trench on Krondprindsens Gade between Strand Gade and General Gade gives access to a midden, the archaeological term for a dumping ground where people deposited food waste, excrement and discarded broken pots and

100,000-year-old painters kits found

100,000-year-old kits using to process ochre into paint have been found in South Africa. In this study, Christopher Henshilwood of the University of Bergen in Norway and his colleagues report two ochre-processing "toolkits" at Blombos, dated to 100,000 years ago with a technique called optically stimulated luminescence, which measures how long

3,000-year-old conch trumpet sounds again

Scientists have played a 3,000-year-old conch shell found at a pre-Inca site in Peru. You can click here and here to listen to some samples. "You can really feel it in your chest," says Jonathan Abel, an acoustician at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. "It has