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Replica of ancient ship launches in Israel

A replica of a 2,400-year-old ship has been christened in Haifa, Israel. Archaeologists from the University of Haifa dug out the remains of the ancient vessel over the course of three seasons in 1988 and 1989. The ship, a standard sort of cargo vessel at the time, was around 37-feet long

Medieval ship surfaced from Dutch river

A 65-foot-long medieval ship has been raised from the bed of the Ijssel River in the Netherlands. The boat was likely deliberately sunk by maritime engineers more than 600 years ago in an effort to alter the flow of the Ijssel River, an offshoot of the mighty Rhine River that flows

19th-century schooner uncovered in Toronto

Parts of a 19th-century schooner have been uncovered during construction at Toronto's waterfront. It the ship’s day, everything south of Front St. would have been underwater, with several wharves jutting into the lake, the largest of which was the Queen’s Wharf, a major commercial hub built in 1833. “We suspect this ship

How ants came to the old world

New research carried out on the genomes of insects from 192 locations have revealed that tropical fire ants traveled the world on 16 century ships. "A lot of these ships, particularly if they were going somewhere to pick up commerce, would fill their ballast with soil and then they would dump

World Trade Center ship origins revealed

Back in July 2010, during construction of the new World Trade Center in Manhattan, the remains of a ship were found 22 feet below street level. Now, researchers believe they know the origins of the vessel. ...a new report finds that tree rings in those waterlogged ribs show the vessel was

Mary Rose crew remains to undergo DNA analysis

Researchers are hoping to uncover the identities of some of the skeletal remains found on board the sunken Mary Rose. Scientists have begun work to extract DNA from the bones that were found on board the Tudor warship when it was raised from the bottom of The Solent 30 years ago. They

Bored viking’s footprint found on ship floorboards

The traced outline of a human foot has been found the floorboards of a Viking ship. The Gokstad Ship was excavated in the late 1800s and is a permanent feature of the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo. For about a decade, from 890 to 900, the ship sailed on ocean

Replica Bronze Age boat takes to the sea

A replica sewn-together Bronze Age boat has taken to sea, complete with a crew of 18. “When I was steering the boat and it got up to speed, I could turn her easily and it was more seaworthy than I expected. We have learnt so much through the whole process and