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Slave quarters unearthed at Maryland plantation

The remains of slave housing has been unearthed at Belvoir, an 19th-century plantation in Maryland. The original structure apparently contained a kitchen and was used by the slaves serving in the plantation house. "There was a large front room with a kitchen hearth for cooking, meals and socializing," said Julie Schablitsky, chief

Remains of slaves found at Nashville Zoo

The remains of nine people, believed to be enslaved African-Americans, have been found on the grounds of the Nashville Zoo. They were relatively young people of African descent, worn down by years of hard labor. Six of them had arthritis. One man walked with a limp, and a woman endured fractured vertebrae

Slave quarters found at Maryland plantation

The brick floor of a large slave quarters has been found at the plantation home of Francis Scott Key's grandmother, in Maryland. County Archaeologist Al Luckenbach said the finding differs from other known slave quarters. “It’s a very unusual size for a slave quarter,” Luckenbach said. “Most slave quarters are small things.

World Cup construction unearths evidence of slave trade

Construction work in Brazil ahead of the World Cup has uncovered evidence of Rio De Janeiro's involvement in the Atlantic slave trace. “We’re finding archaeological sites of global importance, and probably far more extensive than what’s been excavated so far, but instead of prioritizing these discoveries our leaders are proceeding with

33,000 artifacts recovered from slave quarters excavated in Savannah

Excavations carried out at suspected slave quarters in Savannah, Georgia, has turned up over 33,000 artifacts. Clusters of nails found in the ground indicate that buildings were made from wood instead of brick, Elliott said. Archaeologists uncovered small pits used to store items in the floors of dwellings and dug up

Voluntary slavery existed in Ancient Egypt

Ancient papyrus documents, some of which date back 2,200 years, have been found in Egypt which detail contracts where people have willingly signed themselves and their families over as slaves. Kim Ryholt, from the University of Copenhagen, believes that the people who signed these contracts may have been at the

Slave burial ground found on island of St. Helena

Archaeologists working on the island of St. Helena in the south Atlantic have discovered a slave burial ground. The tiny island of St Helena, 1,000 miles off the coast of south-west Africa, acted as the landing place for many of the slaves, captured by the Royal Navy during the suppression of

Colonial slave port excavated in Brazil

One of the busiest slave ports in the Americas has been uncovered in Rio de Janerio after being buried for almost 200 years. Not far from here at least 500,000 Africans took their first steps into slavery in colonial Brazil, which took in far more slaves than the United States and