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33,000 artifacts recovered from slave quarters excavated in Savannah

Excavations carried out at suspected slave quarters in Savannah, Georgia, has turned up over 33,000 artifacts. Clusters of nails found in the ground indicate that buildings were made from wood instead of brick, Elliott said. Archaeologists uncovered small pits used to store items in the floors of dwellings and dug up

Viking slaves buried with their masters

A new study suggests that the Viking elite may have been buried with their sacrificed slaves. About 1,000 to 1,200 years ago, a Viking man still in his 20s was laid to rest on a craggy island in the Norwegian Sea. A new analysis of his skeleton and others buried nearby

Slave tunnel found under Hadrian’s villa

A large slave tunnel has been found underneath Emperor Hadrian's 2nd-century villa in Tivoli, Italy. The newly-found tunnel was large enough to have taken carts and wagons, which would have ferried food, fire wood and other goods from one part of the sprawling palace to another. The villa, at Tivoli, about 20

James Madison’s Montpelier slave quarters excavated

Archaeologists excavating the slave quarters at Montpelier have revealed some new insights into slave life in the early 19th century. Excavations took place at four venues across the plantation: the Stable Quarter (homes for enslaved livestock handlers, excavated in 2010), the South Yard (homes for house slaves, excavated in 2011), the

Slaves did not build the pyramids of Egypt

Newly discovered tombs that date back 4,000 years have revealed that paid labourers, not slaves, built the Great Pyramids of Giza. Hawass told reporters at the site that the find, first announced on Sunday, sheds more light on the lifestyle and origins of the pyramid builders. Most importantly, he said the

Colonial cemetery unearthed in South Carolina

37 sets of human remains, thought to belong to slaves, have been unearthed during a renovation project on an auditorium in Charleston, South Carolina. Poplin studied land records and other historical documents to determine that the 37 people were likely associated with colonial owners of the property as slaves or indentured

Slave burial ground found on island of St. Helena

Archaeologists working on the island of St. Helena in the south Atlantic have discovered a slave burial ground. The tiny island of St Helena, 1,000 miles off the coast of south-west Africa, acted as the landing place for many of the slaves, captured by the Royal Navy during the suppression of

Remains of freed slaves moved from dried lake bed to cemetery

The remains of more than two dozen graves of freed slaves and their children have been moved from a dried lake bed to a nearby cemetery in Texas. "I have talked to people who say they don't know where their grandmother is buried," McManus said. "I've done a lot of research,