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1,000-year-old iron-smelting furnace found in Cambodia

An Angkor-era iron-smelter has been found in Preah Vihear province, Cambodia. “The way that we think they built them is that they constructed the furnaces out of clay: They smelt the iron and then, to extract the bloom, they had to break down the walls,” Mr. Hendrickson said on Saturday. Indications are

Medieval copper smelter found in Norway

A copper smelting operation which dates back to the 14th century has been found in Norway. They found the remains of wooden structures beneath a collapsed pile of stones that provided evidence of technologically advanced production methods. “The wood material was surprisingly well preserved,” says Stenvik. One eye-popper was a split log that

Recreating copper artifacts

Researchers from Northwestern University have recreated copper artifacts using the same techniques Native American coppersmiths used 600 years ago. To date, researchers had only found evidence of wine production in the region. Bouby and team analysed three samples of sediment from excavations carried out in the 1990s. One sample was taken

Iron Age slag shows earth used to have stronger magnetic field

An analysis of Iron Age slag, leftover from ancient copper smelting, shows that Earth's magnetic field was strong and more variable 3,000-years-ago than previously suspected. The Earth’s magnetic field comes from the movement of molten iron in the core. The field’s strength and structure are constantly changing. But paleomagnetists (scientists

Indus Valley site ravaged by floods

Flooding at Jognakhera where 5,000-year-old coppy smelting furnaces have been found has been submerged under nearly 10 feet of water. The archaeological site and the village of Jognakhera is just 1km from the SYL breach. Residents of the area were oblivious of the historical significance of their neighbourhood until some