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Mexican drug smugglers profiting from illegal artifacts trade

Drug smugglers in Mexico are using their routes along the Texas-Mexico border to transport looted artifacts into the United States. “They would go out and dig something up, or go other co-conspirators and say, ‘Hey, we have an order for this type of artifact, do any of you all have it?’

23 arrested in Chinese smuggling ring

Police in China have arrested 23 individuals, busting up a major relic smuggling ring in the process. Police said the treasures were stolen and smuggled by gang members from Hubei to traders and collectors across the country. Among them, eight artifacts are under China's class-one relic protection. The two most precious items

Two arrested in Greece after police find golden wreath

Two men, a retired policeman and a house painter, have been arrested on suspicion of antiquities smuggling after police found a golden wreath and an armband in their car. The suspects were stopped by highway police near the village of Asprovalta, some 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Thessaloniki late Thursday.

Smuggled cargo found on Roman shipwreck

Investigation of a Roman shipwreck in Italy has revealed evidence of ancient smuggling activity. Following an analysis of the jars and their contents, Tusa and colleagues concluded that the 52- by 16-foot ship was sailing from North Africa when she sank some 1,700 years ago, probably while trying to enter the

Turkey celebrates return of over 3,500 artifacts

Officials in Turkey held a ceremony celebrating the return of 3,609 artifacts which had been smuggled out of Anatolia into Serbia. Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertu?rul Günay attended the ceremony at his ministry's opera building on the occasion of the return of 1,865 artifacts that had been illegally transported to

Reining in the Gaza Strip antiquities black market

Authorities in the Gaza Strip are trying to rein in the black market trade of archaeological treasures. "Gaza was for centuries the primary trade outlet of the hinterland of Jordan and the greater Arabian Peninsula," says Salim al-Mubaid, a professor at Gaza's Islamic University. "The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Mamluks, and

Did Howard Carter steal from King Tut’s tomb?

Objects found in many museums today have been found to have belonged to Tutankhamun's treasures, prompting some to speculate that Howard Carter illegally smuggled them out of the country. The most recent example is a small ushabti, or servant for the dead, made of white faience and standing in the Louvre.

Argentinian diplomat to Iran caught smuggling

An Argentinian diplomat in Tehran was caught trying to ship six tonnes of Persian treasures out of the country. During seven years as Argentina's man in Tehran, Sebastian Zavalla would have had ample opportunity to collect a souvenir or two as mementoes to his fondness of Persian culture. But when Iranian