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Tool-making and language evolved at the same time

New research has revealed that the brain activity used to make tools is also used for language. They measured the brain blood flow activity of the participants as they performed both tasks using functional Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound (fTCD), commonly used in clinical settings to test patients’ language functions after brain damage

Searching for the common language of our ancestors

Mark Pagel, an evolutionary theorist from the University of Reading, believes that many of today's languages could have stemmed from one original language that dates back 15,000 years. Because words don't have DNA, researchers use cognates found in different languages today to reconstruct the ancestral "protowords." Historical linguists have observed that

Ancient human vocal chords recreated

A researcher has created anatomically correct vocal chords out of plastic tubes to see what sounds humans could make 3 million years ago. Many animals communicate with sounds, but it is the variety of our language that sets us apart. Over millions of years, changes to our vocal organs have allowed

Language and toolmaking evolved together

Apparently, the boost that tool-making brought to brain power allowed humans to develop language. Stone-age humans mastered the art of elegant hand-toolmaking in an evolutionary advance that boosted their brain power and potentially paved the way for language, researchers say. The design of stone tools changed dramatically in human pre-history,

Previously unknown language found in mountains of India

A lost language, Koro, spoken only by 800 people, has been discovered in the mountains of northeastern India. Arunachal Pradesh is the home of an endangered language known as Koro. It’s part of the Tibeto-Burman language family, a group of some 400 languages. But until now, Koro was unknown to

Scrap of paper found with traces of lost language

A 17th century scrap of paper may contain traces of a lost South American language. “It’s a little piece of paper with a big story to tell,” says Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, who has conducted investigations in Peru for more than three decades, and is director of the archaeological project at

Voice of Disneyland’s robotic Lincoln takes criticism

The robotic Abraham Lincoln at Disneyland has received a technological overhaul, but his voice has remained the same...and incorrect. Instead, Disney dusted off and remastered the original 40-plus-year audio recordings made by character actor Royal Dano. And Dano's rendition, despite being identified in the public's mind as the voice of Lincoln,