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Early medieval butter churner lid unearthed in England

A lid to a Saxon butter churner which dates back between 715-890 A.D. has been unearthed during construction in Staffordshire, England. She said: "During this period this part of Staffordshire was part of the Mercian heartland and was populated by a pagan tribe called the Pencersaete. "Existing knowledge of this period for

Earliest evidence of a pet tortoise

Researchers have found the earliest evidence of a pet tortoise at a castle in Staffordshire. There has been evidence of turtles and terrapins in domestic situations dating back to the 17th Century - but it was believed that these animals were used for food. The discovery of a 130-year-old tortoise

Staffordshire hoard valued at $5.4 million

The Staffordshire hoard has been valued at a whopping $5.4 million. The money will be split between metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert, who found the hoard, and Fred Johnson, who owns the farm where it was discovered. Mr Johnson said he had not made any plans for the money but did not

17th century witch-bottle found beneath parking lot in England

An intact witch-bottle, used to ward off witches and evil spirits, has been found beneath a car park in Staffordshire, England. Andrew Norton, project manager from Oxford Archaeology, said: “This is a very interesting find. People were very superstitious during this period and would put items which came from themselves such

Huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found by amateur treasure hunter

The largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure found in the UK has been discovered buried beneath a field in Staffordshire. [Thx Cineblogywood] Experts said the collection of 1,500 gold and silver pieces, which may date to the 7th Century, was unparalleled in size and worth at least £1m [US$1.62m]. It has been declared