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Stone vessel workshop found in Galilee

A second workshop where vessels were carved out of chalkstone has been found in Lower Galilee. A rare workshop for the production of chalkstone vessels, dated to the Roman period, is currently being excavated at Reina in Lower Galilee, Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) reported. Excavations are unearthing a small cave in which

Butchered animal residues discovered on 250,000-year-old tools

Protein residue from butchered animals has been found on 250,000-year-old tools found in Jordan. While stone tools have been found before, the residue of the kinds of animals found on these ancient tools brought back surprising results, linking rhinoceros, horse, wild cattle and duck to these hominins. "The implication of all of

3,000-year-old stone axes unearthed in Vietnam

Archaeologists working near the Ngu Hanh Son Mountains in Vietname have unearthed five stone axes. An archeological team from Viet Nam Archaeology Institute found five stone axes believed to come from the 3,000-year-old Sa Huynh Culture at a Khue Bac communal house garden in the central city. The communal house lies at

Inscription stone fragments found in Persepolis

Fragments of stone bearing royal inscriptions have been found at the Palace of Xeres in Persepolis, Iran. “The texts of the inscriptions were written by people with a high level of literacy, but the mistakes happened when the engravers cut the texts into the stones," said Basello’s colleague, Adriano V. Rossi,

Carved head of Roman god found in ancient dump

A 1,800-year-old carved stone head, believe to be depicting a Roman god, has been found in an ancient rubbish dump in Durham, England. First year Durham University archaeology student Alex Kirton found the artefact, which measures about 20cm by 10cm, in buried late Roman rubbish within what was probably a bath

Engraved artifact found at Palaeolithic site in China

An engraved stone artifact has been found at the Shuidonggou Paleolithic Site in Northwest China. This engraved stone artifact was found in a recent technological analysis of the stone tool assemblage unearthed at the Shuidonggou site in 1980. It is the first engraved non-organic artifact from the entire Paleolithic of China. Archaeologists

Thracian Lion head found in Bulgarian cave

A Thracian lion head, carved out of stone, has been found in a Cave in Bulgaria. It was German ornithologists who initially discovered the sculpture, local media inform. They stumbled upon the artifact while studying the behavior of local birds and subsequently handed it over to Bulgarian experts. The sculpture has been

Headless statues unearthed in Turkey

Two statues have been unearthed during excavations at Aphrodisias in southwestern Turkey. According to information provided by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, one of the statues is in 1.76 meters in height and the other is 1.68 meters. One of the statues holds a roll in its left hand and its