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Wooden weaver’s sword found in Ireland

A Viking-era wooden weaver's sword has been found in southern Ireland. A 1,000-year-old perfectly preserved Viking sword has been discovered by archaeologists at the historic site of the former Beamish and Crawford brewery in Cork city. The wooden weaver’s sword is just over 30cm in length, made entirely from yew, and features

Viking sword found on Norwegian mountain

A well-preserved Viking sword has been found on a mountain in southern Norway. Pilø told Fox News that the sword had been lying on the mountain surface for around 1,100 years. “That a sword should survive more than a thousand years in the open is hard for some people to believe,”

Roman swords found at Vindolanda

Two metal swords and two wooden toy swords have been found at Vindolanda. The first sword was found by volunteer Rupert Bainbridge in the corner of a living room of the barrack. It had a bent tip and a Vindolanda spokesman said it was the "ancient equivalent of a modern soldier abandoning

Medieval sword recovered from peat bog

A medieval sword has been recovered from a peat bog in Poland. Completely preserved medieval sword from the 14th century has been discovered at a peat bog near Hrubieszów. The finder donated the artefact to the local Fr. Stanis?aw Staszic Museum. "This is a unique find in the region" - said

6th-century swords discovered in Japan

Two swords dating back to the 6th-century have been recovered from a tomb on the island of Kyushu, Japan. One is the longest sword ever excavated from ancient tombs in Japan, and another’s hilt is covered with ray skin, making it the oldest ray-decorated item found in East Asia. The swords were

Viking sword found in Iceland

A 1,000-year-old Viking sword has been found in southern Iceland. "It was just lying there, waiting to be picked up," explains Rúnar Stanley Sighvatsson, one of the men who found it. "It was obvious and just lying there on the ground." The Cultural Heritage Centre of Iceland believe that the find is

Sword tip found at the Alamo

The tip of a sword made in France has been found at the Alamo's south gate. The artifact is believed to be from a sword issued to a non-commissioned officer in the Mexican infantry and dated about 1835, according to Nesta Anderson, the lead archaeologist on the dig. It could have

Image of shark found on 2,200-year-old sword

The image of a shark has been found engraved on a 2,200-year-old bronze sword in Japan. Tests on an ancient bronze sword taken out of storage in the Tottori Prefectural Museum have surprised researchers. The blade of the weapon from the second century B.C. bears an engraving of a shark, the first