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China’s tomb raiders

The Guardian has posted an interesting article detailing the mounting issue of looting in China. The thieves use dynamite and even bulldozers to break into the deepest chambers โ€“ and night vision goggles and oxygen canisters to search them. The artefacts they take are often sold on within days to international

Statue of Caligula unearthed at illegal dig

Officials have recovered a statue of the Roman emperor Caligula from an illegal dig in Italy. The statue, which had been broken in several large pieces and a head, was first found last January when finance police stopped it from being smuggled out of the country by boat at a port

Tomb raider leads police to Caligula’s lost tomb

The lost tome of Caligula has been found according to Italian police after arresting a man caught smuggling a statue stolen from the site. Officers from the archaeological squad of Italy's tax police had a break last week after arresting a man near Lake Nemi, south of Rome, as he loaded

The state of tomb raiding in China

USA Today has posted an interesting article about the state of tomb raiding in China. I found it especially interesting that a lot of the best quality artifacts are being traded for the purposes of bribery. In May, a court in Hunan province dealt death penalties to four men dressed

Looted Afghan artifacts are big business

Tomb raiding is a big business for looters in Afghanistan, who are earning fortunes smuggling artifacts out to the United States, Europe and Japan. Since there's no place to appraise an artifact in war-ravaged Afghanistan, it is difficult to estimate Mahbuhbullah's wealth. But he says that neither the column nor the