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Ancient tomb tourist graffiti studied

Researchers at the University of Warsaw have completed a 3D record of tourist graffiti found on the walls of the tomb of Ramesses VI. "I visited and I did not like anything except the sarcophagus!"; "I admired!" "I can not read the hieroglyphs!" - these are some of the inscriptions read

Tourist heavily fined for defacing Colosseum

A Russian tourist has been slapped with a €20,000 fine after he was caught etching a letter into one of the ground-floor bricks of the historic Colosseum in Rome. This is the fifth tourist this year who has been caught damaging the ancient stadium. The man used a sharp stone to

Reintroducing tourists to Altamira

In 2002 the cave art found at Altamira was made off limits to tourists due to the growth of mold on the cave walls. Now a new study is underway to determine if there is a way to reintroduce visitors to the caves in a way that fits in with

Crusader hospital to be turned into restaurant

A thousand-year-old structure in Jerusalem that was used as a hospital during the Crusades is set to be turned into a restaurant and visitor centre next year following a 13-year excavation. Located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and owned by the Muslim Waqf (an Islamic endowment

Chinese tourist etches name into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

A 15-year-old Chinese tourist has caused outrage on the internet after he scrawled his name over some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in a 3,500-year-old temple in Luxor. "The saddest moment in Egypt. I'm so embarrassed that I want to hide myself. I said to the Egyptian tour guide,'I'm really sorry,'" that traveler

Sistine Chapel threatened by tourism

Experts are warning that the 500-year-old Sistine Chapel is at risk due to the 20,000 visitors the site receives each day. I was just there a couple months ago and it was beautiful...but also jam-packed with people. "The anthropic pressure with dust, the humidity of bodies, carbon dioxide produced by perspiration

Tourists stealing ancient cobblestones from Rome

As I prepare to leave tomorrow on a vacation which ends in Rome, I can assure you that I will not be stealing any cobblestone from the ancient city. Security staff screening bags at the Italian capital's main airports at Fiumicino and Ciampino have reported a surge in findings as x-ray scanners

Tourist drops camera on ancient skull, fracturing it

A tourist visiting a Mayan site in Belize dropped his camera on to an ancient skull, fracturing it in the process and prompting a ban of cameras. The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave or ATM - for short, may be the most prized and treasured Mayan site in Belize - and that's