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Four treasure hunters arrested in Bulgaria

Four looters have been arrested in southeastern Bulgaria after being caught digging illegally at an ancient Thracian burial mound. he four men were busted while excavating illegally at the mound, which does not lie far from the Bulgarian crossing on the Turkish border of Lesovo. The four treasure hunters are aged between

Treasure hunter find cache of deadly WWII bombs

A tresure hunter in England has uncovered a deadly cache of WWII bombs buried on a beach in Dorset. A treasure hunter escaped serious injury when he unearthed a cache of bombs that were buried by the Home Guard during the darkest days of World War 2. The weapons -

Archaeologists fight to save aqueduct from farmer

An Italian farmer who owns the land a Roman aqueduct was discovered on is damaging the site by digging for treasure. In January father and son team Edward and Michael O'Neill discovered the headwaters of the aqueduct, which was built by the Emperor Trajan, hidden beneath a crumbling 13th century

Profile: Amateur treasure hunters

The Telegraph has an interested article about the rise of amatruer treasure hunters. It's a crisp, sunny day and retired church minister Peter Twinn is out with his metal detector unearthing evidence of Roman occupation beneath the bare fields of South Gloucestershire. "Over there is the Roman temple and just beyond those

Amateur metal detectorist finds $1.7 million worth of Iron Age gold

An amateur treasure hunter in Scotland has found four Iron Age necklaces worth $1.7 million dollars. David Booth, 35, bought the £240 detector online because he thought it “might be fun” to look for treasure and struck gold just five days after it was delivered. The safari park warden parked his car

Looters dig up land where remains were found

A sheriff in Wisconsin has found several large holes dug by looters on land where ancient remains were recently found. A local sheriff says artifact hunters are illegally digging where ancient human remains were found this summer. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says deputies recently found several large holes on county-owned land

Treasure hunt fatalities in Egypt

Six Egyptians have died while hunting for treasure when the floor beneath them collapsed. This isn't the first time it has happened either. Early this month, rescue teams spent four days desperately trying to save six Egyptians, who had been trapped in a large hole beneath a house near the Pyramid

Archaeological sites being pillaged due to recession

More treasure-hunters are pillaging archaeological sites under cover of darkness, according to English Heritage. But Pete Wilson, a senior archaeologist at English Heritage, said: "Nighthawking is a problem across the country and we fear the recession may produce a spike." "We are getting increasing attacks on private land where the nighthawks have