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Legendary treasure found in southwest China

A legendary treasure said to have been lost 300 years ago during a peasant uprising in China has been found in the Minjiang River. After more than 10,000 items of gold and silver were recovered from the bottom of Minjiang River in Sichuan Province, archeologists confirmed Monday the tale of Zhang

Warrior’s tomb found in Russian necropolis

Archaeologists working in a necropolis Russia have found the grave of a warrior laid to rest in a tomb filled with ancient treasures. Hidden in a necropolis situated high in the mountains of the Caucasus in Russia, researchers have discovered the grave of a male warrior laid to rest with gold

Treasure hoards found in Black Sea fortress

2,000 years ago wealthy people in the town of Artezian buried their treasure in a fortress to hide their belongings from the attacking Romans. Now, two hoards of ancient treasures have been found inside the remains of the citadel. Artezian, which covered an area of at least 3.2 acres (1.3 hectares)

Gold treasure found during Thracian tomb excavation in Bulgaria

Archaeologists excavating a Thracian tomb in northern Bulgaria have uncovered a collection of golden artifacts that have a link to Alexander the Great. According to history experts, the artifacts are likely to be remnants from the ritual burial of Gath ruler Kotela, one of the father-in-laws of Philip II of Macedon,

Pipeline construction unearths treasure

Construction work on a gas pipeline in northern Germany has unearthed a trove of gold chains, thought to be an ancient form of bullion, which dates back 3,300 years. The most beautiful find was made in the Gessel district of Lower Saxony, where 117 pieces of gold were found stacked tightly

Treasure hunter claims to have found $3 billion haul

A treasure hunter and his crew have found the wreckage of the SS Port Nicholson, and believe it may contains $3 billion worth of platinum. The merchant ship was sunk by a German U-boat back in 1942, but the British government says that it's not so sure that it actually contained

Sunken treasure found off coast of Siciliy

Nearly 3,500 ancient coins have been found off the coast of the Sicilian island of Pantelleria. Lying at depth of about 68 feet, the coins most likely represent an episode of the Romans and Carthaginians struggle. Amazingly, all 3,422 coins feature the same iconography. On one side, they show Kore/Tanit, the ancient goddess

Indian treasure vaults opened

Ancient chambers full of treasure worth over half-a-billion dollars have been opened at Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in India. "Treasures included very old gold chains, diamonds and precious stones which cannot be valued in terms of money," he told the BBC Tamil service. "Many of those things were pretty old, going back to