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WWI training tunnels found in England

Trenches used to train troops for WWI have been found at Larkhill, a military base near Stonehenge. “This is the first time anywhere in the world that archaeologists have had the chance to examine, excavate and record such an enormous expanse of first world war training ground,” said Si Cleggett, of

Civil War trench found in Virginia

Traces of a Civil War trench have been uncovered during construction near the Rappahannock River in Virginia. Most of the trenches downtown were eventually filled in as people returned to rebuild their lives after the Civil War. But earlier this week, Dovetail Cultural Resource Group uncovered evidence of a previously unknown

WWI-era training trenches found in Ireland

Archaeologists working in Ireland have uncovered WWI training trenches near the Ballykinler army base. Near the firing ranges of Ballykinler army camp in County Down, archaeologists have been excavating trenches used for training during World War One. The trenches were found in an overgrown area of gorse near the camp The hope is

WWI-era trenches found outside of Canberra

WWI-era training trenches have been discovered outside the Australian capital, Canberra. In 1916, the military college at Duntroon was home to the school of trench warfare. The field where the trenches were dug was close by and allowed several hectares for the military to trial various types of trenches. The trenches were modelled

WWI training trenches found at Camp Dodge

Trenches dug by soldiers to train for WWI combat have been found at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa, using ariel photographs. Deep amid the hackberry, elm and black locust trees in a remote area rarely traversed by modern soldiers, some of the vestiges of World War I are still echoing at

WWI training trenches uncovered in England

Trenches used to train troops for WWI have been uncovered in Norfolk, England. Describing his discovery Mr Day said: "We're clearing years of accumulated leaf mould at the moment. "One of the trenches is about 7ft (2m) deep at the front, and as you go back into the supply lines goes to

WWI training trenches to be preserved

A series of trenches dug in 1914, used by soldiers in Scotland for training purposes, are set to be preserved. The 16th Battalion The Royal Scots dug the trenches in Colinton and Dreghorn – which was open countryside at the time – before they made their way to France. With trench design