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100-year-old painting found in Antarctic hut

A 100-year-old watercolour painting of a dead bird linked to the Scott expedition has been found in a hut in Antarctica. The painting of a Tree Creeper was in a hut built by Norwegian explorers and later used by the Scott expedition. The image was found in a pile of papers covered

Pablo Picasso’s electrician reveals treasure trove of unknown works

Pablo Picasso's former electrician has come forward with the astounding news that he owns 271 previously unknown artworks from the artist. The treasure trove of 271 pieces includes lithographs, cubist paintings, notebooks and a watercolour and is said to be worth about 60m euros (£50.6m).Pierre Le Guennec, 71, reportedly says

Painting of Henry VIII’s lost palace up for auction

A 1568 watercolour of Nonsuch Palace which fell into disrepair and disappeared in the 1690s is set to hit the auction block. "Not only is it one of the earliest British watercolours and a work of art of immense beauty, but it is also the most exact pictorial record of

Rare midshipman’s 1814 logbook found with sketches and maps

A rare midshipman's logbook with watercolour paintings of scenes around the globe from the early 19th century has been found. John Smith Gould was a talented artist and painted icebergs, erupting volcanos as well as landscapes he spotted during his two year odyssey. He compiled the log between 1814 and 1816 and

Hitler’s watercolours sold at auction

Three watercolours believed to have been painted by Adolf Hitler have sold at auction for over $60,000 dollars. The auction was in the south-eastern city of Nuremberg, where the Nazi war crimes trials were held. Auctioneer Herbert Weidler said they were sold to three phone bidders, with the one of Austrian town