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Heavy storms reveal sunken German ship

Heavy storms off the southern coast of England have revealed the remains of a ship which sank there during WWI. Mr Sadler said:โ€œ I reckon about a metre of sand has been stripped off this beach and although I have seen some of this wreckage in the past, I have never

Bad weather collapses wall at Pompeii

Heavy rain and wind have caused a wall to collapse by a major road in the ancient city of Pompeii. A series of collapses in Pompeii over the last month led Italian media to dub it a "Black November" for the ancient city, preserved under ash from a volcanic eruption in

The worst hurricanes in history

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast of North America and cities preparing for the inevitable damage, the National Weather Service has published a list of the worst tropical storms in US history. This technical memorandum lists the deadliest tropical cyclones in the United States during 1851- 2010 and

Pollen analysis reveals ancient Egyptian climate

Analysis of pollen and charcoal deposits in the Nile Delta have revealed a record of climate catastrophes in Ancient Egypt, including a massive drought which may have lead to the downfall of Egypt's Old Kingdom. Scientists with the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the University of Pennsylvania expected that they would

Ancient weather records help scientist study climate

Ancient weather records kept by Arabic scholars between 816-1009 AD are helping scientists study climate change. Until now researchers have relied on official records detailing weather patterns including air force reports during WW2 and 18th century ship's logs. Now a team of Spanish scientists from the Universidad de Extremadura have turned

Australian Aboriginies changed the weather

Controlled burns of grasslands by Australia's aboriginies may have inadvertently affected the climate. When the first European settlers arrived in Australia in the 17th century, they observed a strange farming practice among the natives. The aborigines routinely burned grasslands and vegetation in many parts of northern Australia during the cool months

Searching for ancient hurricanes

Here is a cool story about paleotempestology, the study of ancient storms. A sea turtle bone protruded from the wall of an archaeological excavation at the Pineland Site Complex on Pine Island. That bone, along with other evidence found in the pit, might prove that an intense hurricane pounded the island 1,700

Dry weather reveals hundreds of ancient sites

Dry weather in the UK has revealed "cropmarks" indicating the presence of hundreds of previously unknown archaeological sites. The surveys show marks made when crops growing over buried features develop at a different rate from those nearby. The newly-discovered Roman and prehistoric settlements include a site near Bradford Abbas,