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Stage uncovered at Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre

Excavations at William Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre have uncovered a 45-foot rectangular stage. The battle scenes of Shakespeare’s Henry V may have been written to suit the long, narrow stage of the Curtain, one of the earliest purpose-built theatres in London. The foundations of the theatre in Shoreditch have been excavated, revealing that

Archaeologists excavate Curtain Theatre in London

Archaeologists are excavating the remains of The Curtain, a theatre where William Shakespeare performed as an actor. “There is going to have to be a certain amount of revision of the chapter on The Curtain in my book,” Bowsher said. “It now seems clear that the playhouse was a conversion of

Shakespeare’s skull is missing

Ground-penetrating radar research carrier out at the grave of William Shakespeare have revealed that the playwright's skull is missing. A hi-tech investigation of William Shakespeare's grave has concluded his skull was probably stolen. The discovery gives credence to a news report in 1879, later dismissed as fiction, that trophy hunters took the

Shakespeare’s kitchen unearthed at New Place

Excavations at New Place, William Shakespeare's family home, have uncovered the playwright's kitchen. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has today announced that significant new findings have been unearthed during an archaeological dig, led by Staffordshire University’s Centre of Archaeology, at its ambitious New Place project. New Place was Shakespeare’s family home at

Was Shakespeare’s ‘Dark Lady’ a prostitute?

One researcher believes that Shakespeare's 'Dark Lady', the inspiration behind some of his romantic sonnets, may have been a notorious prostitute who ran a brothel in London. Shakespeare scholar Dr Duncan Salkeld said he had unearthed documents that indicate she is ‘the foremost candidate for the dubious role of the Dark

Shakespeare theatre unearthed in London

Archaeologists in London have unearthed an early pre-Globe playhouse used by William Shakespeare where Romeo and Juliet and Henry V were first performed. The theatre was immortalized as "this wooden O" in the prologue of Henry V with the lines: "Can this cock-pit hold within this wooden O, the very caskes

Shakespeare dig to delve into Tudor soil

Archaeologists digging at the home of William Shakespeare are set to excavate soil that has been untouched for 400 years. The live archaeological project will explore foundations and other remains thought to date from Shakespeare’s era, which were uncovered shortly before the Dig was put under wraps for winter.  Dr Paul

Shakespeare in the original pronunciation

A professor from the University of Kansas has pieced together the original pronunciation of Shakespeare and is staging a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. “American audiences will hear an accent and style surprisingly like their own in its informality and strong r-colored vowels,” Meier said. “The original pronunciation