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Predynastic inscriptions found in Egypt

Inscriptions believed to be up to 6,000 years old have been found near the village of El-Khawy by a team of researchers from Yale University and Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Section at the ministry explained that the site is composed of several panels

X-rays used to reveal hidden texts in Egyptian coffins

New imaging techniques are being used to find and read hidden text written in coffins made for middle-class Egyptians. It’s a space-age solution to an ancient problem. For more than a century, archaeologists have dismantled mummy coffins, also known as cartonnage, in a hunt for literary treasure. In ancient Egypt, undertakers

2,200-year-old rental agreement found in Turkey

A 2,200-year-old inscription, a detailed rental agreement, has been found near the temple of Dionysus in the ancient city of Teos in Turkey. “Among the inscriptions, one is particularly interesting, with quite rich content. An agreement was made on a 1.5-meter-long stela. It has lines. It is a detailed agreement. According

Stone with engraved text found in Myanmar

A stone engraved with 44 sentences of text has been found at a pagoda in Myanmar. The main content of the script was the punishment with the evil. Anyone, who destroys the donation schemes, has to face the curse. The script is scheduled to get translated into the present day languages

7th-century B.C. handwriting analysed

Researchers have scanned and analysed the handwriting found on 16 ostracons which date back to the 7th-century B.C. Key parts of the Old Testament may have been compiled earlier than some scholars thought, suggests a new handwriting analysis of text on pottery shards. The shards, found at a frontier fort dating to

Cathedral scribe penned Salibsury Magna Carta

Handwriting analysis has been used to determine that the same cathedral scribe who wrote the Register of St. Osmund also penned the Salisbury Magna Carta. Scholars have long thought that the Magna Carta was issued by the king in the Chancery, the king's central court, written by his scribes there and

Could the pharaohs read hieroglyphics?

New research suggests that Egyptian royal children were educated and could probably read and write. "Relatively late sources suggest that even one of the first rulers of Egypt - Aha - mastered the writing skill. He was believed to be an author of a few medical treaties, although the reliability of

Nailing down the publication date of Homer’s “Iliad”

Scientists have been working to determine the publication date of Homer's "Illiad" using the same technique employed to decode the genetic history of humans by tracking how genes mutate. "Languages behave just extraordinarily like genes," Pagel said. "It is directly analogous. We tried to document the regularities in linguistic evolution and