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Sunken Australian merchant ship found

An Australian merchant ship, the SS Macumba, which sank in 1943 has been found off the coast of northern Australia. The 2,540-ton merchant ship was sunk by two Japanese aircraft on Aug. 6, 1943, while transporting a cargo of supplies from Sydney to the northern city of Darwin. The ship's captain

USS Indianapolis found in Philippine Sea

The wreckage of the USS Indianapolis, which sank on July 20, 1945, has been found in the Philippine Sea. The heavy cruiser, carrying 1,197 sailors and Marines, was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine while sailing back to the Philippines after delivering components for "Little Boy," the atomic bomb that helped end

Human remains found at WWII underwater wreck

Human remains have been found near the underwater wreckage of the Tulsamerican, a B-24 Liberator bomber which crashed into the Adriatic Sea on December 17, 1944. “The remains of human bones have been found, but we can’t say anything without further analysis,” Zadar University archaeologist Mate Parica said. The wreckage itself was

Wreckage of two WWII bombers found off Papua New Guinea

The wrecks of two B-25 bombers have been found in the waters off of Papua New Guinea. Using a sonar-equipped underwater robot, a University of Delaware scientist and colleagues have discovered the wreckage of a B-25 bomber that was shot down in the waters off what is now Papua New Guinea

WWI battle remnants found in Israel

Rifle cartridges and shell fragments from a WW1 battle have been found in Israel. The discoveries, made between Rosh Ha-?Ayin and the Afek Industrial Park, were from the British and Ottoman armies. The first discovery came from a member of the Melach Ha-Aretz pre-military preparatory program, who was part of the

WWII bomb defused in Greece

A WWII bomb discovered during roadworks in Greece had to be defused after evacuating thousands of people from the area. The 1.5-metre (4.9-feet) -long bomb was initially thought to contain nearly 250 kilogrammes (550 pounds) of explosives, but on closer inspection was found to be a 170-kilo device. Army chief of staff

Nazi arctic base rediscovered

The remains of a secret WWII-era German base has been rediscovered near the North Pole. "This summer in the Arctic was very warm, so the entire area of Schatzgrabber was completely free of snow and ice, which made it possible to explore the area fully," team leader Evgeny Ermolov, a senior

WWII Submarine found near Denmark

The wreckage of the HMS Tarpon, sunk in 1940 by an armed German merchant vessel, has been found off the coast of Denmark. HMS Tarpon was destroyed by a heavily armed German merchant vessel with the loss of at least 50 British lives on 10 April 1940. The wreck, which was