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Genomes of headless Romans studied

The skeletons of seven Romans found in York, some of whom were decapitated, have undergone genome analysis. Archaeologists have speculated that the skeletons belonged to gladiators, although they could also have been soldiers or criminals. Several suffered perimortem decapitation and were all of a similar age – under 45 years old.

Medieval church found in York

The foundations of a lost medieval church have been uncovered in York, England. The remains of the Church of St John The Baptist, more commonly known as St John’s in the Marsh, have been found as part of the most extensive dig that York has seen since the early 1980s ahead

Evidence of King Richard III lost chapel found in York

Archaeologists working in York, England, have found evidence of a memorial chapel that King Richard III commissioned to be built in 1483. A University of York spokesman for the department stressed the research so far looked positive, but said researchers can’t prove exactly where the chapel was until a larger excavation

Rough seas reveal shipwreck on Maine beach

Rough seas have washed away the sands on the beaches of York, Maine, revealed the wreckage of a 160-year-old shipwreck. The 51-foot-long hull is believed to be from a late colonial or early post-colonial sloop, which means it would date from 1750 to 1850, said Leith Smith, a historical archaeologist with

Sewer work in England reveals Roman mosaic floor

Sewer engineers repairing a Victorian sewer in York, England, have uncovered a Roman mosaic. “It’s a very interesting site, helping us to understand the extent of Roman activity in the area. Part of a mosaic showing a bull with a fish tail was discovered in this area of Toft Green during

Roman baths uncovered in York

Construction has unearthed the remains of a Roman bath complex in York, England. He said: "We know very little of the layout of the civilian town of Eboracum, as Roman York was called. Confirming the location of the baths gives us another important piece of the puzzle." He said they had been

Diseased victims from seige of York found in mass grave

The skeletons of men from Oliver Cromwell's forces who succumbed to disease have been found in a mass grave in York. Archaeologists uncovered the remains on the site of what, even during the Civil War, was a “lost” church – All Saints – just outside the city walls, where until