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Tourist drops camera on ancient skull, fracturing it

A tourist visiting a Mayan site in Belize dropped his camera on to an ancient skull, fracturing it in the process and prompting a ban of cameras.

The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave or ATM – for short, may be the most prized and treasured Mayan site in Belize – and that’s because of the spectacular skeletal remains of 15 individuals that can be found there.
They are estimated to be over a thousand years old – and the most precious is the so called Crystal Maiden, the skeletal remains of a young woman.

Not far from Belmopan, it is a popular tourist destination, but a couple weeks ago, during one of the regular tours, one of the tourists got a little careless around one of the skeletons. He dropped his camera, fracturing one of the thousand year old skulls.

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Story: 7 News Belize | Photo: 7 News Belize

2 thoughts on “Tourist drops camera on ancient skull, fracturing it

  1. Grrr, no tourist should be allowed in a position where anything they do could damage a site. Accidents happen, someone could slip over and damage things – so it sounds like tourists ought to be kept back more from the remains. Banning carried objects such as cameras is a positive move, but it is scary that people are allowed to get so close that a camera, when dropped, could land on actual body remains.

  2. Are you kidding? I have been visiting ATM in 2009. I almost faint there, for no reason whatsoever. I was in front of Ixchel statue (she has pottery on the ground around her) and I was feeling good, proud of being there, after 1 hour and half of wading and hicking. I was connecting with Ixchen and all of the sudden I fell my head spinning and my eyes couldn’t see anything else than black velvet pierced with small white stars: it lasted 20 seconds at max, still I lost my balance and it took all of my strength not to step onto the pottery on the ground. I think it’s that place. It has a strange effect on some visitors. And no, it was not the journey there: I was fine before and after this episode!

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